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Welcome to our restaurant

Looking for a holiday? Fed up with a gloomy landscape picture of a big city? Need some scenic nature with a rave of colour? Here you are! The country hotel-restaurant complex «Veseliy Zayats» in the village Pirnovo is the best place for you! We have got all that you can wish for!

The monumental beauty of the territory was appreciated by far back knyazhs many centuries ago. As the saying goes, on their way back from Chervihiv to Kyiv, the princes offsaddled on the picturesque bank of the Desna river to have some rest and take a bite. They liked so much of the place that the encampments were growing into banquets which originated the name for the natural landmark and, later on for the village.

The country hotel-restaurant complex «Veseliy Zayats» has managed to preserve centuries-old traditions of making good cheer. Jump at the chance to see it for yourself by catching a break and putting on the feedbag!

At your services:

- intimate country restaurant with appetizing dishes, a great variety of beverages and first class service.
- Modern hotel with comfortable rooms.
- Infantine pastime, pets’ corner and all the things needed for a never-to-be-forgotten children’s party.
- Always fortunate fishing trip at «Devichye lake».
- Amazing sweltering bath procedures in Banya «Zhelanushka».
- Transfer services and catering
- Special terms for weddings and other festivities.

The country hotel-restaurant complex «Veseliy Zayats» can be found at the sun-drenched small meadow lawn in a fine forest. It’s in a health resort and ecologically-safe area not far from the Desna river and the Kyiv sea.

Birdsongs are the only things shattering the calm of the country hotel-restaurant complex «Veseliy Zayats» which is a real scenic beauty with crystal clear air being within a stone’ throw of a noisy and dust-laden capital, as little as 28 km from Kyiv.

Looking for a villatic family vacation? There is an answer! No client will be left out in the cold! The enjoyable and hospitable atmosphere of the nature surrounded by pleasure and joyfulness will make your wedding once in a lifetime!

An excellent staff party, an anniversary, a pleasant romantic date, a week-end out in the bush, a light-hearted family or any other celebration at the country hotel-restaurant complex «Veseliy Zayats» will be imbedded in your memory!

Whatever the season, it is always clean, green, sunny and warm at the country hotel-restaurant complex «Veseliy Zayats».

Still looking for a calm repose outside Kyiv? Come round and see us sometime! And you will definitely love it!