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Fishing "Devichye" lake

A quiet piece of wild nature a few kilometers (7 km)  away from the hotel – restaurant complex “Veseliy Zayats” lake “Devichye” is waiting for you.


Here you will switch off and enjoy the scenic beauty of a splendid lake, coloured paints of a wild meadow, birdsongs and inhaling the flavor of field flowers and herbs.


All necessary arrangements for fishing are put in the "Devichye". The calm hunt devotees will find comfortable pontoons and ledger tackles (a fishing rod for each guest, kill-devils and baits). All the fishers have to do is catching fish and enjoying the process.

Fish broth or any other dish may be cooked on the spot.


While fishers are full of their own affairs their female-fellow travelers, kids or friends can choose some other pastime opportunities available at "Devichye"


Playing badminton might be interesting for active recreation devotees. Beauty judges will appreciate the unhasting meadow strolls coloured with different field flowers and herbs. While making flower bunches in the field they can meet the timid hare or crane taking fancy to the places.


Cosy sling-chairs are available for lazing in the sun, and rocking-chairs can be found by those preferring fresh air relax.


"Devichye" lake is an excellent place for romanticists as well. They will have a chance to enjoy the sunset or see the sunrise watching from a water summer house. Isn’t it romantic?


The break out area at the "Devichye" has all modern equipment needed for a private comfortable rest. You can cook here (or visit the great restaurant "Veseliy Zayats"), make barbecue, fish broath or arrange a feast. Don’t worry if you liked the "Devichye" so much that you are sorry to leave the place. You can stay overnight using either a well-furnished camper with 4 sleeping accommodation and sanitary conveniences or a guest house.


"Devichye" lake is a splendid quiet corner of nature not far from Kyiv giving an opportunity to have a great time with friends, family, colleagues or a beloved person.


One day visit at "Devichye" lake will let you seclude yourself and forget about all your troubles.


Looking for a chance to forget about your problems and the fuss of a city at least for a time? You are welcome to relax at any time convenient for you.


Visit conditions:

 UAH 6000 – up to 12 people per 24 hours

 The following additional services are included in the cost price:

Included :

- Lake with a small house with platform on the water;

- Fishing rod for each guest, bait, lures;

- Skewers, barbecue grill, kettle on a tripod for fish-soup;

- Fishing for the company - up to 3 kg;

- Barbecue;

- Sun beds, rocking chair;

- Refrigerator (minibar for an additional fee);

- Dishes;

- Microwave;

- Electric kettle;

- Household products (soap, paper towels, towels for fisherman, toilet paper);

- Wood and coal - 6 kg;

- Badminton, checkers, backgammon

- Mobile house for 4 people (linens, dental kit, bathrobe, slippers, towel, mini perfumes, toilet, heating).

- Double Room (linens, dental kit, bathrobe, slippers, towel, mini perfumes, TV, bathroom, heating).

Additional services:

- An extra fishing rod (renting) 1 item – UAH 30
- Fish scaling 1 kg – UAH 20
- Dishes 1 item – UAH 50
- Fire wood, coal 3 kg – UAH 65, 3 kg – UAH 50
- Fish 1 kg -

pike - 80 UAH,

carp - 55 UAH,

white amur - 70 UAH.

 Minibar for an additional fee

Forget about your problems and bustle of the city at least for a while.