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The cozy countryside restaurant is the very heart of the hotel-restaurant complex «Veseliy Zayats».

Here you do not just eat sated tasty food - our every dish brings real pleasure.

Our wonderful chef creates true gastronomic masterpieces. Any doubts? Come and try!

Sophisticated but at the same time cozy interior of «Veseliy Zayats» restaurant halls, pleasant atmosphere, excellent service and attention to each customer contribute to a good meal. And if you want to turn it into a real banquet – we are always happy to help.

The countryside restaurant «Veseliy Zayats» is the best place for celebrations: weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, corporate events, children’s and any other holidays.

Business meetings and negotiations, business training and seminars, conferences, press lunches, dating and meeting friends will be no less successful in the cozy halls of our restaurant with a gourmet cuisine.

The restaurant «Veseliy Zayats» has several halls with a unique design: small (for up to 25 people), large (for up to 100 people), fireplace (for a group of 12 people) and terrace (accommodates 50 people).

You can look for the country restaurants in Kyiv for a long time. Or you can immediately come to our countryside complex «Veseliy Zayats». We promise you'll be sated and happy!

You and your guests will remember the banquet in Pirnovo for a long time!

Halls of the restaurant:
Large banquet hall

Great place for a big celebration. Accommodates 100 guests, spacious and comfortable.

Energy of joy, fun, harmony and prosperity reigns here. Not only a great mood and emotions of the restaurant guests, but also the interior contribute to it. In particular, the mascots in the form of the huge fish and aquarium help reflect the unfavourable energy, bring prosperity and well-being. Unique handmade fireplace helps create powerful flows of thermal energy, maintain an atmosphere of comfort and harmony. Images of the hare are not only a symbol of restaurant-hotel complex «Veseliy Zayats», but also a talisman bringing health, longevity and abundance. In addition, the rabbit, according to Eastern teachings, symbolizes fertility. This is another reason to celebrate a wedding in our countryside restaurant.

The Large Hall has a children's area. This is not the place to punish naughty kids, but a great playground for creativity and entertainment.

Small banquet hall

Cozy VIP-hall for 25 people, bright and comfortable, decorated with live orchids, with a female energy. Here you can relax and spend time with a group of friends, sing karaoke, seclude. The hall has its own walk-in closet and separate entrance.

Fireplace hall

Chamber VIP-hall for 12 people with hunting entourage and male energy. The interior is dominated by wood, a gorgeous fireplace occupies the central place. There is a separate area with a comfortable sofa for personal talks. Fireplace hall is a great place for men's gatherings, business meetings and socializing.

Bar area

A regular visitor "lives" in this hall - Tired Jack. According to the legend, he often visited the restaurant "Veseliy Zayats". He really loved cuisine here, and even more - a speciality liqueur-zubrovka "Veseliy Zayats". Once he overrated his strength, and after another glass he could not leave. And he stayed sitting in the corner, reminding the other visitors when feasting, know when to draw line!


Big summer terrace for 50 people. In the shade, hiding from the scorching sun, but in the open air, in the beautiful surroundings, you can enjoy delicious cuisine of our restaurant, feel refreshment of mind and body.

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