Cottages nearby Kyiv in Pirnovo offer the best recreation for all!

For those who are tired of capital’s bustle and hustle and who want to relax close to nature, ‘Veselyj Zajets’ Hotel and Restaurant Complex offers to rent a cottage nearby Kyiv on a per day basis. We have a variety of cottage options, to suit every taste of our guests.

For barbecue lovers

If you like barbecue, fish and vegetables cooked on a real grill, rent our Barbecue House. In addition to barbecue facilities, you will have a refrigerator, a large table, tableware, and a bedroom for 2 people at your disposal. This is a great choice, if you want to rent a cottage nearby Kyiv for the weekend.

For steam-bath lovers

Russian sauna is one of the most favourite places for a friendly party. After studying the demand among our guests, we have decided to accommodate our Russian sauna with a bedroom. So we did it, and now you may rent ‘Zhelanushka’ Russian Sauna, where you will not only enjoy your steam-bath, but also stay overnight. So if you are looking for a cottage with Russian sauna to rent nearby Kyiv, you will have it!


The ‘eco’ topic has been rather popular nowadays. We have built our Apartments in the territory of our complex with the use of natural eco materials. They provide everything for your convenience — a kitchen with cooking facilities, a living room, a bedroom and a bathroom. So if you dream to rent a house in the woods nearby Kyiv — welcome to our Apartments!

Great recreation in the countryside

City residents prefer to go to the countryside on weekends and holidays. Some people go to their summer houses, other people choose recreation centers to have a proper rest. It is very easy to rent a cottage nearby Kyiv nowadays, all you have to do is enter your query online and you will have a wide range of options. Alas, not all of them provide quality service, and some offer sky-high prices.

Our cottages in Pirnovo are located on the territory of ‘Veselyj Zajets’ Hotel and Restaurant Complex. Nearby you will have Desna river with its wide beaches and incredible landscapes. If you choose to stay at this place, you will receive home-care from our personnel, which at the same time will discreetly do their job.

Come join us and make sure that you may rent a cottage nearby Kiev to have a good rest and great service at affordable price!